15 February 2017

15th February 2017

Past Valentine’s Day, it’s time to get to work once more. To be honest, this week has been quite successful. Each team member has taken home one sensor. Our homework has been putting the sensors to work, managing to have them transmit the information to the Arduino on our screen. In spite of having trouble with the one sensor which required a bit more difficulty and had a vast amount of connections, each and every other sensor worked perfectly!!

Our teacher had to send the day before yesterday our preliminary draft to the organizing committee. Being modest, it definitely looks good. Even though most of it is scattered  around the blog, here you can find it all!

And finally, our first paraglider has arrived! It has travelled from China (according to our teacher, the chinese boy that brought the package was sweating. Poor guy!) The objective for today’s reunion is to share all advances made to the day, and to give our paraglider a first test. And how to do it? In a really practical way. Letting it go from the high school’s roof. 

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