8 February 2017

8th February 2017

Back to school and back to work.We’ve turned into a 7-member team. Our teacher is now constantly caring about the project and is doing all the paperwork.

Good news is, we ‘ve been selected for the national competition taking place in April! But it’s now time to work. As our project has been accepted, we now have to build it. We’ve purchased most of the components that we specified in the ”Budget & Components”, and, until today, we’ve been doing all the mechanic work. We’ve divided ourselves to do the necessary tasks, and some of us have been putting time into looking up the connections that each sensor needs in the ”mother board”. In fact, we’ve realized we may even need to replace it, or maybe we can sort out the problems and just go ahead with the one we have.

The other half of the team is programming with Arduino the different sensors, and in fact, we have been able to send ourselves messages with the transmitter!

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