Who are we?

That’s easy. We are a team made up of six students, all freshmen in high school and one student from 3rd eso. Supervising us we have a teacher who takes part in this project in an indirect, although active way. In this competition, the mission is to build a satellite the size of a can.


Now, that we had reach the farthest with our little satellite. We have won both the national competition and European competition. If you want to be updated about our daily work or just learn about our project, we recommend that you take a look around the blog.  

How did it start?

That’s not as easy as the previous one. It takes a little more of story-telling. About two months ago (that would be October 2016), two teachers came into Math Class and started telling us about this Contest. Some students jumped at the idea, others raised their hands more slowly. Long story short, after a meeting of an hour after class schedule, only in our class two teams came up. That meant three teams in our high school, as one of fourth years in middle school had been formed as well. A month later, the other one in our class dissolved, leaving us as the only team in our year. In this time, as our teachers had made it clearer what our objective was in this contest, we had started working. We discovered that one of the main points in our project was the outreach we gave it. That meaning, for example, this blog. 

In this site, you will find the ideas have been developing and how we planned to make them a reality. Hope you enjoy them as much as we do!

What are our plans now?

One of our team members is creating a more detailed document explaining everything about our CanSat. This will help those that need from the experience, and also to those who are just curious.

Even though the project can be considered finished, the CanSat forms now part of our hearts, and is thanks to it that we have a motivation to become something bigger.

The project

The Cansat is a project in which students create in association with the European Space Agency a little satellite of the size of a can, which will be launched within a rocket into the sky and then it will descend. Here you can find the links to their official websites.



In that descent, the Cansat will collect different data that will later serve for various missions.

The project is divided in two objectives, being the first one the main objective, in which the Cansat will measure the air pressure and temperature.

The secondary mission is where the juice comes; each team has to design a different mission and put the sensors and equipment for accomplishing that mission (remember, all within the size of a soda can).

In this blog you will find all of our Cansat’s design. Any question or suggestion you have, feel free to leave it under this post in our comments section 🙂




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