Atmospheric Meassures


Alongside with the primary mission, which requires for us to gather several atmospheric data, we will incorporate within the can two photodiodes which will be in charge of measuring UVB  and UVC (ultraviolet rays type B & C, which can cause deadly cancer or death) radiation spectrum. We will also include in the design a CO2 sensor.

With these new obtained data, we are aiming ensure that the planet is inhabitable, because if there high levels of UVB and UVC are present in the atmosphere, the planet cannot host life, as they are biologically harmful. But, on the contrary, if levels are low at the surface than outside the atmosphere, it will indicate the presence of an ozone layer, such as that of the Earth.

The CO2 levels at the atmosphere will show us if there is greenhouse effect. This is vital for terrestrial life, as it smoothens the temperature between the daylight hours of the planet. This happens because only a part of solar radiation that reaches the earth bounces off, and CO2, together with other particles like CH4 and H2O,  capture part of the radiation and retains it, maintaining more stables temperatures.


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