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Budget & Components

As you may suppose, a project such as this doesn’t come expense-free. We wish it did.  But in the rulebook, we found a paragraph that explicitly talks about the budget. It stated that the money we spent on our Cansat was limited to 500 euros. To those of you that don’t have much experience in the world of informatics, this may seem excessive. Some of us had the same thought. But little did we know we were wrong. When searching for key pieces of our satellite, we found that some prices were a lot higher than expected. That made it necessary for us to establish a new approach. Some ideas need to be disregarded, and in their place another with the same level of interest but more affordable were included.

Along with the price, we soon faced another problem. The weight. Our ”burgoneta” had to weigh between 300 and 350 grams (without including the paraglider). When also realising that the volume of all pieces couldn’t exceed that one of the can (115 mm height x 66 mm of diameter in the base), we became aware that the way in which we chose our components had to be extremely precise. That is why finding these components has been a tough call.

This part of our site is dedicated to those components. In it, you will be able to see what materials, sensors… we have chosen to use to build our satellite. Alongside this, there is a chart, where you will be able to see the total weight, price and size of the components, and if we have fulfilled the requirements or not. 

All our budget is on this table (except the parts for the ground station):

Budget Table