Burgo T-Shirts

On the first round, we sold 30 T-shirts. We think we can call that a success. That’s why we decided not to stop there, but cotinue further elling T-shirts of our team. The first thing to do was to improve our design. We made it available on different colours, and placed the logo on a different place, this time being on the chest. The new success was unbelievable. We sold 42 new T-shirts, raising the total amount of sells to 72.

On the other hand, us, the team members, will be wearing somewhat different polo-shirts. This will be the ones we show on the national competition. The design is the following: on the chest, the team logo and the town hall’s logo, main sponsor of the project. On the right sleeve, the Spanish flag will show. And finally, the rest of the sponsors will be on the back of it, giving it a final touch.

Here you can see the new design and photos of them. Enjoy!

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