Contest: Day 2

Thursday: the bus left at 8:00. We woke up at 7:15, took a shower, had breakfast, and parted to the airport where all the launches were meant to take place. The schedule for the day was the following: at 11:00 we would have to pass an inspection to check if the CanSat fulfilled all the necessary requirements for being launched. At 13:00, the dummy launch at 50m to check the parachute would take place. Finally, at 15:45 we had our presentation.

The only thing left for the Cansat to be finished was the placement of the springs at the bottom, and as that would only require assistance from two members of the team, once again we divided chores. Our app manager dedicated his morning to improving and perfecting the app, our 3D designer started preparing the satellite model for the 3D simulation, two members took care of the antennae, as well as the preparation of the dummy, and lastly, another would start managing the OBS studio GUI (graphical user interface) for the stream.

Our parachute cleared the test in one run, although it came too close to the minimal recommended speed. The inspection went OK, and we were able to solve one of the imperfections of the national campaign. The satellite’s dimensions were fine, with springs included. All throughout the morning, other different events took place. One member was interviewed by the organisers, helped was asked by other teams, and at last, we presented. The jury was quite receptive to our information, and even though they asked some tricky questions, the team was able to squeeze alive out of the hall. After this, we went up to the ‘’closed’’ control tower and took a walk through the airport with the rain (after dinner) and we went back to the hotel.

That night we had more time to socialize, something we found to be a downsize of the national campaign.

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