Contest: development & results


Five team members and our teacher (the last team member would reunite with us on Saturday due to other engagements) parted in a bus to Zaragoza. In the bus was also the team coming from Toledo. It was three relaxing hours except for some who kept working of the final touches of the app.

The afternoon went by fast, as we had to accommodate in our rooms and work. We worked until 2 am or 3 am, when we finally finished the Satellite and it’s 3D design for the simulation.


After a 5-hour sleep, we got on a bus which took us to Teruel’s airport, where the launch would take place. After greeting the parents who went to cheer us on, we got to work on a table the airport facilitated for each team. After some time and some unexpected problems, we managed to make the camera work and broadcast live through the computer correctly. The balloon that launched the CanSats suffered a technical issue at the third launch, so we had to wait for a couple of hours before ours could be launched. Finally, it came down, and transmitted each and every data we wanted. Absolute success! It took us more time to find ‘’La burgoneta’’ than it took for it to land. To our surprise, the springs we had placed on the bottom of the can worked perfectly and the satellite was in perfect shape. Except for the esthetical aspect, on which we are working presently. After attending three conferences given by representants of the Airport, Airbus & PLDSpace (despite us being tired, they were really interesting), we went back to Zaragoza. There, our last team member was waiting for us, and we kept working until 4am on the dossier we had to send the organization to evaluate our projects. Unfortunatelly, we encountered severe difficulties doing the 3d Simulation. The topographic map was finished, although not with the desired accuracy.



we woke up at 8:30 and arrived a tad late to the presentations, as we were perfectioning ours. Being the fourth team to present, we came up to the stage with confidence in our project. We exceeded the standard time for the presentation, but we had a feeling of it being complete, and we walked down as we watched the majority of the judges grinning with our project. Nevertheless, nobody expected the result that was announced after the meal. We had been victorious, and had been selected for the international contest that takes place in Bremen, Germany from the 28th of June to the 2nd of July. After many thanks and happiness, we parted to our homes, already thinking about our following two months.

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