Contest: Introduction

27th of June. 23:35 p.m. A teacher and his students are in their high school’s workshop, packing the bits and pieces from a satellite the size of a can. At ten to midnight they part. They will meet again at 5:30 a.m, same place. As you may have guessed or you know, La Burgoneta Espacial parted from Spain on the 28th of June to Germany, to participate on the 2017 competition ‘’Cansats in Europe’’. And those students who slept 5 hours on the day before a contest were us.

We took a plain from Madrid to Frankfurt at 8:30, and caught our connection to Bremen at 13:05 with time to spare. The plains became our temporary beds. This is were our adventure begins.

Some general facts to point out before going into a dalily review are the following: 

-We were treated very nicely by the organization. We have absolutely no complains about the hotel and working installations.

-Food was good, although a bit repetitive. By the end of the stay, sausages (although yummy) were pouring out of our ears.

-There was a really nice working atmosphere. All teams cooperated with each other and there was absolutely no accidents ocurred and there was definitely more time to socialize and from new friendships than at the national competition.

Lastly, a note: our junior team member, Jaime Pérez, was able to come thanks to our sponsors, who covered his financial expenses. Thank you very much to everyone who made possible this voyage!

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