Contest: Day 2

03/07/2017 Samuel Nevado 0

Thursday: the bus left at 8:00. We woke up at 7:15, took a shower, had breakfast, and parted to the airport where all the launches […]

Contest: Day 1

03/07/2017 Samuel Nevado 0

  Wednesday: on the same plain to Bremen, we met the Portuguese and Italian team. We were picked up by two volunteers from the ZARM […]

Streaming app

23/06/2017 Samuel Nevado 0

One lesson we learnt when we came back from the national competition was the fact that we did a lot of things, but didn’t nail […]

Oficial documents

23/06/2017 Samuel Nevado 0

There are 16 teams going to the national competition, and 3 complete days to evaluate them all. It becames self-evident that a thorough evaluation of […]

CanSat Protection

22/06/2017 Samuel Nevado 0

For the national competition, the only means of transport our Cansat had to undertake was a bus ride. Moreover, the satellite wasn’t close to being […]