Final 3D design

Problem no.1: Last satellite was 2 mm long. Luckily, is still was able to enter into the launcher, and so we could make it. Next time, we won’t be so fortunate. 

Problem no.2: unbalanced weight. Having both batteries on one side of the can made it unstable, which was responsible for the Cansat spinning on itself as it fell, making it more difficult to analsyse the recording of the fall and translating it into a 3D map.

Problem no.3: ventilation cracks placed for the air to come through and reach all those sensors that needed it in the end had to be broken and only supposed a dead weight. 

In spite of all the effort invested in the 3D design, it still ended up presenting several problems on the launch campaign. And it’s those problems that we have tried to solve on the second round. Our new design takes care of all those issue. It is now divided into two parts with the central board on between. Batteries are apart, and all the ventilation channels are independent from the body, and are placed on the lids. As well as the last design, springs are placed as well on the bottom of the can, although this time, within the reglamentary size.

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