Final details: app

It has been a complicated, saturated, and most of all, a fierce battle with the schedule., but we are reaching the end and finally, our efforts are starting to pay off. In a week’s time, we will be on our way to Zaragoza to present our project. And now is the time to polish up our work and address any complications that might have turned up.

Our app has been finished, and when the launching takes place, it will broadcast all the data that has been collected by the Cansat in live-time. As you may know, you can easily access it from this blog, by going to ”live broadcast” on the superior toolbar, and then clicking on ”our app”. Here you can see the final layout/interface. You may notice that the satellite is not accurately placed on Spain. This is due to the automatized work of the program, which, if no data has been received, will locate the ”burgoneta” on that spot. The moment when the CanSat starts to broadcast information, which will be in the moment of the launch, the programme will refresh and locate the Cansat on its appropiate spot (which will be Teruel’s airport). At least, that’s what we hope.

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