Live Transmission


Private: The Cansat will send live footage during the descent. This footage will be shown via our own-developed computer program, which will be installed at the land computer. Furthermore, the program will also provide us with information such as its speed and geographic position, to remotely control the Cansat’s landing.

Public: Through the same method as in the private transmission, we want to make public all the information the Cansat is able to gather both at our web page and mobile app. The links to these platforms will be found at all our social media. In these sites, we will organise the information gathered by the satellite in two categories:

Live: We will retransmit the Cansat’s landing, through a film taken by our land computer. Besides,  temperature and pressure data along with graph representing the Cansat´s altittude and its geographic coordinates will be shown as well.

Post Landing: We will show a 3D map of the landing terrain, charts with all the data obtained during the landing and a graph showing the Cansat´s descend trayectory along side a video-simulation of it.

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