Despite being it’s first edition, the Cesaraugusta contest has received some attention from the media, and that has translated into a some-what of a little fame onto our team and high-school. This widens our fan of options for financial support greatly, which is something urgent for the international stage.

In this section, you will find each and every article and fragment we have found in the media where the contest and it’s results have been published. At the same time, you will be able to enjoy some pictures our team from now on. Enjoy!

If, by any chance, you happen to stumble upon any article with our name or the contest’s name on it that isn’t in this section, feel free to send it to our mail for it’s further publication here. Thank you very much!


Resultado de imagen de la razon logo


Alumnos del instituto El Burgo ganan el concurso de satélites de la Agencia Espacial — MadridPress

Minisatélites del tamaño de una lata de refresco miden su tecnología en el Aeropuerto de Teruel – Diario de Teruel