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There are 16 teams going to the national competition, and 3 complete days to evaluate them all. It becames self-evident that a thorough evaluation of each and every one of them is implausible. That is why the ESA has requested of us several tasks to get to know the team better and have more tools to reach a verdict. 

In total, we have been asked to deliver three documents. The first one consists of a proposal of the project. This material had the following information: information of the team members, school and teachers. Planning, schedule, workload, mission of the project, and an evaluation of the team’s skills. The second one is called the ”interview”. This second document took us a bit more time. The content of this interview is similar to that one you will find on the ”About us” site in this same blog. We talked about our interest in the project, how it came to practice, the name explained… We were also asked for technical details, such as a few lines of code, a subsystem of the Cansat, details of the launch, landing, and our good and bad points as a team and project. This also required the making of a video explaining this same information, as well as the lessons we have learnt.

The last document is the complicated one. It has to compile every aspect of the mission with detail: mechanical aspects, 3D design, parachute, programming, sensors, budget & components, outreach, photos, media coverage… 

In the end, everything is more than 50 pages long! Let’s hope it falls in the right hands. Everyone had to write a lot to finish it on time!

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