Streaming app

One lesson we learnt when we came back from the national competition was the fact that we did a lot of things, but didn’t nail them. The streaming app was an example of that. Every data was received well, the camera recorded during the fall, the batteries didn’t run out… Everything went smooth,. But out interface didn’t show any of that, And even when it did, it didn’t make it clear enough. That was something we had to polish.

The new screen takes care of all those issues. We have elaborated it so that the information presented on it is done in a much clearer fashion and better. Data received by the sensors will be drawn on the charts live as it falls, and we have a representation of the batteries with their remaining power also live. All of this will be complemented with the live stream of the camera on the back of the screen, so that everything is more visible.

Here you have an example of this new app. 


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